Hot Fun in the Summer…

People in the Midwestern United States are experiencing one of, if not the hottest, driest summers in recorded history. The rest of the planet has seen like seasons with the hottest, coldest, wettest, driest ones on record as well. 

When I first heard about “global warming” I was as skeptical as anyone, believing that in the bigger picture of geological/meteorological time, it was just another high point. Over time the next two decades as I watched the demise of forests, lowering of water levels in the Great Lakes region and elsewhere and the rise of average temperatures around the world, it became clear that our planet was undergoing a man-made change. 

This catastrophe could have been averted, but man is often an arrogant, insufferable beast. A few of us rang our bells and beat our drums, but we couldn’t be heard beside the cacophony of change falling like rain into the coffers of those determined to create corporate person-hood. 

Now we are left to cope with what our ignorance has wrought. Big hats in the rodeo are now, suddenly all about having the rich cure the problem instead of requiring them to pay a reasonable, comparable tax. Their avarice and greed are unsurpassed and yet the masses, who have the power to stop them, allow it to continue. 

Until and unless a people stands up and takes responsibility, the Earth will languish and become a desert. We must do what is necessary to heal our beloved mother lest she cast us off and heal herself in her own time. Not tomorrow. Now.