Frost and bright sunshine illuminating the morning lightens my heart and refreshes my spirit. But for the aches and pains that come with the autumn of human life, it would be the most beautiful season of all. Yet in that pain and the dimming of the sun there is an awareness; a weightless lifting of burdens. 

Each of us faces our own obstacles and demons, some even in the denial of such. It would be easy to dismiss our suffering and that of our neighbors by saying things will get better, by and by. Maybe they will…or perhaps, not. 

What is important is that we are not alone. 

Human beings gather together in social groups creating families and so much more. We use one another. We care for one another. We defend and love one another. When that effort ceases, when we step apart, when we no longer light the fire or sing the songs or pound the drums that once united us…decay will set in. 

Hope is the only cure. Peace is the only goal. Love is the only purpose. We cannot abandon one another for selfish gain. We cannot exploit the young, the old, the weak or disabled for our own needs. 

Some live in such desperate fear of words and rhetoric that the value of the wonder those words can create is lost.

Whether the Seven Virtues or the Ten Commandments or the Nobel Eightfold Path, humanity, through philosophy and religion has attempted to tradition and law that elevated man to a state of life where true happiness can be found.

Man cannot abandon one another allowing anger, greed and arrogance to control us. We must never allow the pursuit of our own goals to overshadow the well being of our brothers, whether they are in our own city or around the world.