Dogs in Cars

2014-09-07 13.38.30To the person in the silver Honda parked in the “shade” at Edward’s Apple Orchard on Sunday, September 7, 2014.
Did you think it was OK because you left your little dog water? Did you think it was OK because you left the windows “open a crack?”
Did you think it was OK because you’d parked in the “shade?” The sun has a funny habit of changing angle when our planet turns…especially in the fall when shadows lengthen and autumn begins. Did you think that meant because it was only 72f it would be that temperature in the car and so it was OK to leave a baby in the car?
OK, I admit…it’s just a dog. And most likely, it wasn’t a “baby.”
Lucky for the dog, the sheriff’s deputy agreed with me…it is NEVER, EVER acceptable to leave a dog in a car the way you did. OK, on a rare day, with temps below 55f and a breeze and a quick stop at a store to grab milk or bread?! A stop at school where you run up to get the kids…? A questionable “maybe.” But with the great “in the car” setup, water dish, etc., there are suspicions that it’s a bad habit.
I hope the deputy found you. I hope he gave you bloody hell for being an idiot. I hope your dog gets better treatment from this day forward.
Sadly, if you’re like most people, it won’t happen that way. You’re convinced you did nothing wrong and some cranky old nosy-poker had no business making your dog their business! If your dog is lucky, you will have had the crap scared out of you by knowing some butt-in-ski has made a report and…had taken a picture of the tiny Chihuahua you made part of your life.
Hopefully, this was a one time, “I’ll NEVER do THAT again!” experience.
Please, let it be that…

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